Good Things,  Record Review

Americana UK Review of Good Things

Duff-Ferguson-good-thingsPolished west coast power pop – shallow and pretty.

Pop was never meant to be a thing of deep meaning and contemplation and ‘Good Things’ is certainly true to that template. Simple tunes with catchy choruses and sunny dispositions imbue this short cd (35 mins) with a great sense of optimism and good will. The title track is so joyous it could be a theme tune for some new age radio programme espousing the arrival of nirvana. Duff Ferguson has released 5 EPs prior to this one and the sound is polished with all production boxes ticked and musicians drilled. The vocals are deceptively assured and each track has its own identity.

These are indeed songs that would sit on the soundtrack to most TV and cinema releases without sounding out of place. If you want to tap your fingers on the roof whilst heading down the road it’s fine but if you want a song to grab you and touch you either with pain or pleasure then you should give Duff a few more years. He will write a killer song but he hasn’t yet.

– Kevin Hargreaves


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